Confirmation in St. Brigid’s


Baptism, Communion and Confirmation are together known as the sacraments of initiation.


Preparation for Confirmation takes place primarily in the home both school and parish have an important part to play. 


Confirmation preparation in St. Brigid’s consists of a 4 week programme held in springtime facilitated by Fr. John and the Parish Sacramental Team.


The programme combined the “Believe 'n' Belong” programme with some oral and visual clips from a Confirmation Programme used widely in the USA called ” Decision Point”.


Our Confirmation Team of leaders will facilitate the young people from the parish in coming to understand the importance of faith in our lives and of belonging to a community of faith like St. Brigid’s.


Our programme here in St. Brigid's is aimed at the 11-12-13 age group and seeks to connect faith to the everyday lives of the young people about to receive Confirmation. It also provides a valuable opportunity for the young people of the parish to mix in a healthy environment outside the classroom.